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Why we are the best in our field:

1. We are attentive, reliable and efficient.
2. We have knowledge and exceptional expertise.
3. Our web design team are trained in house, this gives us an advantage, as our team are qualified to highest level within this profession.

Online takeaway websites, are becoming a must have for anyone within the restaurant industry that wants to make a positive impact on the takeaway world. Such sites as Just Eat, Hungry House and other online takeaway websites have managed to pull in customers who are looking for quality fast food within their local areas.

By introducing an ordering system for takeaway websites, it increases sales and profit immensely. Taking payment over a website is both beneficial to the hungry paying customer and takeaway owner, cash on delivery isn't always suitable for everyone.

Websites such as Just Eat have extremely uncompromising commission policies, rates and payment procedures. This doesn't only result in loss of income but a bad reputation for a company.

Our company has taken the time to talk to hundreds of takeaway restaurant owners who are looking for a Standalone Online Fast Food Website Solutions without the extreme fees. We now offer two website packages that make the ideal partner for any takeaway:

Premade Sites £499 Bespoke Design £699

Both packages come with a fully functioning and live website that's got all of the functionality you need to attract new customers and retain previous customer data without the need to pay the large fees or jump through hoops to stay online.

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Why you should work with us

icon showing profits     Increase Your Revenue

We take NO commission at all. With our online ordering system software you will increase your revenue which will also increase your profit.

icon showing speed     Fast & Reliable System

Our advanced online ordering system is carefully constructed to ensure a very fast, easy, reliable & user friendly system for both customer and restaurant/takeaway owner.

icon showing payment option     Secure Online Payment

Our system supports payment options such as Paypal, Cash on Delivery or Collection and Credit/Debit cards. Our team can also integrate any other online payment option on request.

icon shows menu integration     Custom Menu Integration

A separate section for menu management so you and your team can easily add, edit, delete, activate or de-activate any menu item. We have the option to add sub-categories, menu item options, pick & mix for pizzas, fast food, Chinese, Thai, etc.

icon showing delivey     Delivery/Collection or Both

Within your admin panel you can decided to provide both home delivery and collection as default options but you can decide whether you want only home delivery or collection. The majority of restaurants and takeaways provide both options.

icon showung food     Food Analysis

One of our special features where you can track what food is selling the most, how many orders and what amounts have been ordered. This will help you to analyse what items are selling and what items are not.

icon showing notes     Notes on Items

Online customers can leave a comment to specify if they want an order made to their own specification so you can understand what are the customers special requirements on preparing the food. For example no coriander on Chicken Tikka or if they have a food allergy to a certain food ingredient.

pomotions icon     Promotion

Give your online customers a voucher code, special offers or a gift voucher. For example you can give them a 20% off voucher code or buy 1 get 1 free code. All types of promotion can be provided.

icon tech     Non Technical

Best of all our system is user friendly for the customer who places an order online and for the resturant/takeaway owner who receives the order. Once we build your website and ordering system, no technical experience is required to operate the system.

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Step 3: Start using your website

Once you've signed up via our Order Page our we'll setup your new website. The process usually takes between 1-3 days. Creating a website for your food business couldn't be easier!

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